Let us start by saying that we believe that the first strategy a trader encountered was one which, if he or she were to follow it fully, would lead to profits. The information and strategies presented on this site are only as good as the user. Trading requires discipline and the ability to stick with a plan. If a trader lacks discipline or the ability to train and build discipline, we strongly recommend that he delay in pursuing trading as a career. That said, through this website, we are seeking to help all traders in their journey to profitability. It is our goal that by using this website, traders will be able to study, practice, and profitably trade.

On this website, we will present simple trading strategies with clearly defined entry and exit criteria. The strategies presented on this website for the most part will use no technical indicators. The objective of this website is to help the user attain profitability, and we have found that the quickest path to trading success can be summed up in two phrases: price action and money management.

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